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Handicap Accessibility

ADA Accessibility

The Harborside Event Center is committed to accommodating the needs of individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

General Accessibility

A curbside drop-off for wheelchairs and sidewalk curb cut-outs are located at each corner of the Event Center perimeter. There are also ramps leading from the Monroe Street and Bay Street corner to the doors at the West Grand Foyer Entrance as well as the Edwards Drive and Dean Street corner to the East Galleria. Inside the Center, 2nd floor meeting rooms and conference room’s area is served by a conveniently located elevator adjacent to the Administrative Offices. Drinking fountains and restrooms throughout the building are wheelchair accessible. The taxi curbside cut-out located at Monroe Street Entrance is available for wheelchair drop-off/transfers.


There are 13 designated public parking spaces designated for vehicles displaying disability parking placards/permits or license tags in the following locations:

· Harborside East Lot located at the corner of Bay Street and Dean Street (4 spaces)

· Edwards Drive between Heitman Street and Monroe Street (3 spaces)

· Boat Ramp Parking Lot between Monroe Street and Dean Street (6 spaces)

There are several parking garages and lots available in order to accommodate events at the Harborside Event Center and other downtown venues along Monroe Street, Bay Street, Hendry Street, Main Street and Jackson Street. The hours of operation and hourly rates vary at each facility, so please be aware when leaving your vehicle.


Passenger elevator located at the Center provides access to all areas of the building located on the 2nd floor. Elevators are alarm-equipped with two-way communications and have tactile Braille call buttons inside and outside the cars.

Hearing Impaired Services

Wireless Audio Assistive Listening Systems are installed in the meeting rooms and Ballrooms. Contact the organization managing the event you are visiting if you require these services. You can find that contact information on our calendar of events.


All of the Center’s restrooms are accessible to persons with disabilities and contain stalls, sinks and mirrors that are wheelchair accessible.

Service Animals

Trained service animals are permitted in the Harborside Event Center with proper supervision.

Wheelchair Lifts

If you will be presenting or speaking at an event while at the Event Center, we have portable wheelchair lifts to assist you onto stages. Please contact the organization managing the event you are attending ahead of time, to ensure that your needs will be taken care, as this equipment must be installed prior to your arrival.

If you require more information to ensure your visit to the Harborside Event Center is successful, please contact the organization managing the event you are visiting. You can find that contact information on our calendar of events or you may contact our Event Services Department at 239-321-8120.
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